Worth a visit: Skyzone

Ever since I heard this was opening I wanted to go.  An entire facility full of trampolines?  If I hadn't had three babies I'd be ready to jump myself! ;)  I finally made it there over winter break with the kids.

What is it?

Skyzone is wall to wall trampolines!

There are different sections of trampolines. Ones where you can run/jump to a basketball hoop, ones where where you can bounce into a foam pit, dodgeball courts and a sea of trampolines in the main area.  I love that the trampolines even go up the walls! 

How it works

You buy a block of time when you go (we got 60 minutes).  You then wear a sticker showing what times you're allowed to be jumping.  I hear that on busy days they're pretty strict with this, but it wasn't that busy the day we were there so I didn't see any heavy monitoring.

Will your kids like it?

My kids are 5 and 8 and they did enjoy themselves, though an hour was a long time for them.  They got tired before the hour was up, but 30 minutes felt too short a time to buy given the drive out there. It would have been nice to be able to break it up into two 30 minutes sessions with time in between.

What else do you need to know?

You need to wear their special no-slip socks when you go.  They cost $2 each so you'll want to remember them next time you go because that quickly adds to the cost. 

They also have special fitness classes and birthday parties.  

Overall, definitely worth a visit! :)