Worth a Visit: Target

Alright, hear me out. I realize that Target is closing, and it's not really a "place" to visit with your kids....BUT, there are some decent deals to be had right now before we say goodbye to the red target sign. Discounts are now 25 - 40% off.

I agree that a lot of the prices are "meh"-worthy. For example, my husband checked out the diapers and found that prices are higher than you can find at Superstore, even with the discounts.

That said, there are several areas that may be of interest:

1) Toys - stock up on birthday gifts! We've purchased several board games and some playdough.

2) Chocolate - Easter is coming up!

3) Children's room decor - blankets, pillows and miniature chairs are up for grabs if you're planning a room reno for your child.

4) Clothes - you may be able to find essentials such as socks, underwear and winter gear at great discounted prices. It depends on the location and the stock they have - we live in Orleans, and I've heard our location is not as stocked as some other stores in Ottawa.

5) Odds and ends - we've loaded up on picture hangers and batteries!

I'm very sad to see Target go, as it's one of the only bigger stores within walking distance from our house. It was a great place to go for the extras, such as toilet paper! 

Did you shop at Target?