March Break in Mont Tremblant

I've coined a new term: Winter Rage. Move over Road Rage....Winter's taking over. Have you noticed an increase in grumpiness these past few weeks? The kids are tired of indoor recess due to wind chills, and the parents are tired of dealing with bored kids :) I'm all for bundling up and just braving the cold, but younger children make that quite a challenge!

There is light at the end of the tunnel, though, and for us it's called Mont Tremblant. We were graciously gifted a one-week stay in a cottage about 20 minutes outside of Mont Tremblant village. The plan is to drink lots of beer, sit by the roaring fire, drink more beer, and go skiing (maybe not in that order).

I wrote an article for Capital Parent Newspaper about one or two-night getaways to Tremblant. Doing my research, I could not believe the number of things there are to do there! The list is endless, and even includes "dune buggy-ing" over snow drifts. The friends we're traveling with have decided to check out dog-sledding - we're going to wait for the girls to get a bit older to try that.

Our list of must-do's include:

  • snowshoeing to the top of Mont Tremblant (adults only)
  • snow tubing (family-friendly)
  • swimming at Mont Tremblant's Aquaclub (family-friendly but PRICEY!)
  • skiing (partially family-friendly...not sure if the 2 year-old is old enough!)
  • eating a copious amount of crepes 

So I'm curious to hear - have you been to Mont Tremblant with your family? What would you include as a "must-do?"