Welcome to new sponsor, Tag Along Toys!

by Karen

Do you ever go into a shop for children and just feel the wonder of being surrounded by childhood? That's what it's like to walk into Tag Along Toys in Kanata's Signature Centre (499 Terry Fox Drive) or Blue Heron Mall (1500 Bank Street.)

Above you there are clouds and all around you are toys, toys, toys! I had the opportunity to go to the store a few weeks ago and speak with Patti Taggart, the proud owner of the store. She has good reason to be proud. The store has such a great variety of toys and Patti makes a point of looking for toys that will help children learn.

There are choices for the smallest people...


To not quite as small people...


And right on up...


Patti told me that her favourite section of the store is the crafts section and it's easy to see why when you get a glimpse of the incredible selection. There's so much to choose from!


I have to say that there was one section of the store that I know my son, Brandon, would make a bee line to and all because of these:


The wall of animal figures is something to behold:


Be sure to stop by Tag Along Toys when you're shopping for toys. Patti and her staff will treat you right!

Thank you, Tag Along Toys, for supporting Kids in the Capital!