A little running around

I'm enamoured with the new Richcraft Community Centre in Kanata. It's not too far a drive from our home in Stittsville and the pool is nice and warm. I signed my daughter up for swimming lessons there and we discovered that right as her lessons end there is open gym time for kids up to 6 years. Now that's our plan for Tuesdays – swimming lessons followed by open gym time. The open gym is $2.25 for us but free for members, and well worth the cost for an hour of running around, playing with balls and ribbons and everything else the staff pulls out for fun and games.

New style goaltending

Richcraft is not the only community centre to offer the open gym time, you can check the city website to see when your local community centre has some time for play.

We're going to be inviting some friends for next week!

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A Little Recreation Time

by Amy I recently quit my job and bought a house. These two moves meant that I have been at home looking for activities for the kid and me in our new neighbourhood.

There's a park close to the house and a few things around, and we've been going swimming at the Kanata Wave Pool. My kid was born to be in the water, it's something she's always loved, but at Kanata I found that the slope of the pool was good for her but hard on my knees. So I took to the city website and tried to find another pool close by, and that is how we happened upon the Goulbourn Recreation Centre and their fantastic pool.

The centre is in Stittsville, just off Hazeldean and about a five minute drive from our new house. The pool is built for all ages. There is a shallow area for younger kids, with a palm tree that rains on you and another contraption that shoots water out at all angles. This shallow area leads into the wide open part of the pool for older kids (and, when you attend the preschool swim, an aquafit class). There is also a great big water slide, but the kid is still a bit young for that.

My husband and I took the kid to the pool on Sunday afternoon and it was pretty busy, but there seemed to be room for everyone. On Thursday I took the kid to the preschool swim and we only had to share the pool with the aquafit class and a few other moms with their toddlers.(The preschool swim is one of the best things I've discovered since taking on my new role).

The Goulbourn Rec Centre is a wonderful addition to our lives and I'm looking forward to enrolling the kid in some of the classes there in the fall.

Do you have a rec centre nearby that you're in love with?

Amy is mom to two year old Maggie and a 6 year old schnauzer named Henry. You can read her blog at amyboughner.ca where she writes about motherhood and anything else that’s on her mind. She also shares a blog with her husband at boughner.ca where they talk together about parenting a daughter.

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Welcome to new sponsor, Tag Along Toys!

by Karen

Do you ever go into a shop for children and just feel the wonder of being surrounded by childhood? That's what it's like to walk into Tag Along Toys in Kanata's Signature Centre (499 Terry Fox Drive) or Blue Heron Mall (1500 Bank Street.)

Above you there are clouds and all around you are toys, toys, toys! I had the opportunity to go to the store a few weeks ago and speak with Patti Taggart, the proud owner of the store. She has good reason to be proud. The store has such a great variety of toys and Patti makes a point of looking for toys that will help children learn.

There are choices for the smallest people...


To not quite as small people...


And right on up...


Patti told me that her favourite section of the store is the crafts section and it's easy to see why when you get a glimpse of the incredible selection. There's so much to choose from!


I have to say that there was one section of the store that I know my son, Brandon, would make a bee line to and all because of these:


The wall of animal figures is something to behold:


Be sure to stop by Tag Along Toys when you're shopping for toys. Patti and her staff will treat you right!

Thank you, Tag Along Toys, for supporting Kids in the Capital!

Sipping away the morning

by Alison
I had the opportunity to visit the Sippy Cup Cafe in Kanata before we moved. I was planning on meeting a friend, but child illness prevented it. As I had a coupon and needed to be out in that area of town, I went anyway. And I'm really glad I did.
This is one of the nicest child-friendly cafes I've been to. The play area is enclosed, and there's a boot rack outside the entrance. This way there's no snowy mess where the kids are running around. Also, they permit food and drink in the play area. In fact, there's a little window to pick up your order without leaving your child. Even with the food, I found the area very clean and tidy.
I enjoyed a latte and a brownie. The offerings for kids were also great. The all real fruit smoothie was a nice treat, as H hadn't eaten a big breakfast. The sandwiches also looked delicious, but I didn't get a chance to try them. Maybe on my next visit.
The play area is geared towards younger kids. I'd recommend it for the under 5 crowd. There was a nice play structure, a train table, play kitchen and various other toys. It started to fill up after 10am, but we didn't feel crowded.
It was a really nice morning, I got to enjoy a delicious coffee in a warm and dry place and H had fun playing with other kids.
For adults (without kids) the coffee seating area looked very cosy. A perfect place to sit with a book or your laptop. The Sippy Cup Cafe also hosts birthday parties. This would be a very nice place to have a winter party, as you have exclusive access to the play area and can get various packages that include snacks or just run a tab for guests.
If you're in that part of town I recommend stopping in.
The Sippy Cup Cafe is located at 1104 Klondike Road in Kanata.
Alison is the mom of two wonderful kids, 6 and 2. She’s recently relocated to the Pacific Northwest but considers Ottawa home. She blogs at Ali’s Adventures 
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