Worth a Visit: Truffle Treasures

It's our weekly "Worth a Visit" series! Have an idea you'd like to submit? The only requirements are that it must be in the Ottawa region and kid-friendly! Email Misty at kidsinthecapital@gmail.com

I discovered Truffle Treasures when we first moved to Ottawa. In their old location along Richmond Road (still there, just a different building!) I was excited to find local chocolates handmade and oh-so-divine. Customers can choose from many different flavours of truffles, as well as bark, gelato and products made especially for the holidays (Valentine's Day is coming up!)

What I discovered a couple of years ago, and what keeps me going back there, is their AH-MA-ZING hot chocolate. This is hot chocolate like I've never tasted before - forget the chemical/watery stuff you can find at arenas all around town. This hot chocolate tastes like pure chocolate melted down, and then whipped with super creamy milk.

If you're looking for a special Valentine's dates with your little ones, consider a hot chocolate trip to Truffle Treasures. Just be careful, as this is HOT chocolate, and you will need to remove the lid and let it cool :) Just take a peek at all the various flavours of the drink you can choose from.

Have you been to Truffle Treasures with your kids? What did they like the best?