Farm Fresh Eggs

Here in Ottawa there is a by-law in place to prevent urban/suburban dwellers from owning and raising chickens. If you're anything like me - suburb born and raised - you probably don't know the first thing about chickens. But we all know about EGGS. Delicious, versatile eggs. My go-to meals during the week if we're rushed are quiche, frittata or omlette. And don't forget Sunday breakfasts of fried or scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. As a family, we go through a lot of eggs!

We're lucky to have a big backyard, and our vegetable patch has grown considerably since we moved here 3 years ago. But I still dream of a little chicken coop out in the back corner by the fence, where my 3 little hens lay their eggs every day.

Some Ottawans are fighting to have the by-law changed, but while I wait for the chicken politics to play out, I must find my farm fresh eggs elsewhere. If you've never tried an egg from a chicken raised in its natural environment (space to move, preen and roost), you're definitely missing out! I swear I can taste the difference from the eggs we used to buy in the grocery store.

Luckily I have a co-worker who lives outside the Capital, and has agreed to share some eggs with me. He's also shared these adorable pictures of his chickens - my girls have a great time chatting about where our dinner came from :)

(if you want to know more about raising chickens, I love this article from Lee Valley Tools)


Full Grown Chicken

Chicken Coop

Easter chick craft

By Vicky The Spring season is so rich with learning opportunities and art ideas for children! Flowers are blooming, birds and insects are plenty, and Easter is around the corner.

Here is an easy, and very cute craft you can whip up with your kids to help decorate for Easter! You could also turn it into an Easter card. This craft is perfect for kids aged 3-6 years.

Supplies needed

-Yellow and orange construction paper -glue and scissors -markers and googly eyes if you want

On a piece of yellow construction paper, draw an egg (the chick's body) and two bird's feet (making the legs long so they dangle off the body). Let your child cut them out, or you can cut them ahead of time and let them do the glueing. Glue both the legs at the bottom of the egg. On a piece of orange construction paper, have your child trace both of his hands with fingers spread. Once cut out, these will be the chick's wings. Glue the wings on the sides of the egg.

Next cut a diamond from orange construction paper, fold it in half and glue it in the centre of the egg so that it opens like a bird's beak.

For the eyes, your child can draw his own, or use googly eyes, or even just cut out black circles from construction paper.

If you want to get even more creative, you can use brads as hinges for the wings and legs!

There you have it, an Easter chick!

Vicky is the mom to 4 year old son named Joel and 20 month old daughter named Mieka. You can read her blog at blog Some Kind of Mom.

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