Minecraft, Turtles, and Star Wars...oh my!

by Karen

Something that no one ever told me about parenthood was that there would be a revolving door of interests that my child will commit every iota of passion his little body can muster into loving, before leaving them collecting dust in his room - or the back of his mind. 

In the last three years (he's almost 7), here's a rough idea of what we've run through:

  1. Thomas the Tank Engine
  2. Star Wars (this one has remained constant, because I am doing my best to raise him right)
  3. DC Comics (so far, not much interest in Marvel)
  4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 
  5. Sonic
  6. Minecraft
  7. Angry Birds
  8. Skylanders
  9. The LEGO Movie
  10. All things Mario (of Nintendo fame)
  11. LEGO Chima
  12. LEGO Ninjago
  13. Even LEGO Friends (because toys are not for boys and girls, they're for kids big and small)

It's possible I've forgotten more than what's on the list above. One of the best parts about my little man's passionate dedication to each of these interests is that he wants to inhale every morsel of information about them that he can. He's a fairly advanced reader and he loves nothing more than getting character encyclopedias, handbooks, and anything else he can get his hands on to read. He's also not above mixing his interests. I adore that Brandon's school allows him to bring these books every single day he wants. They are eager to encourage reading of any kind.

Two years ago, on Valentine's Day, I bought Brandon his first LEGO set. It was just a small generic set, but now he's hooked. He also got the idea from Evantube (careful showing this channel to your kids - it's a bit addictive) that he should keep his boxes, in pristine condition. 

So we do.


Ah, the things you'll do to foster the interests your kids have. (Velcro is your friend.)

It's fun and mind-dizzying and I know more about each of the things on that list than I ever wanted to know. Of course, fostering these interests along with a strong love of reading means that he's keen to educate me and his dad on every minute detail. 

Sounds fun, right?

So, what is your little minion into these days? :)

So, what is your little minion into these days? :)

Karen Wilson is a mom to Brandon (6) and wife to Matt (who is glad to have a 6-year-old as a new excuse to play with toys...er, LEGO). Her latest claim to fame is having found enough LEGO studs to buy Lord Business in The LEGO Movie video game. She's thinking of starting a business - Stud Finder for Hire.

Welcoming the Jewish Community Centre

You may have noticed a number of new sponsors in our side bar this month. We're thrilled to welcome some new partners to Kids in the Capital and over the next few weeks will be introducing them all to you.

The Jewish Community Centre (JCC), located in Nepean near Carling and Maitland Avenues, runs fabulous summer camps from July 2 - August 24.

A few fun facts about their camps:

- Camps include Day Camp (age 2-15), Traveling Sports Camp (age 7-15) and 15 amazing Specialty Camps (age 5-15).

- Instructional swimming lessons and a daily free swim in our outdoor pool are included in Traveling Sports Camp and Day Camp.

- Each week of Day Camp offers a unique and exciting theme: Lets get the Party Started! Super Soakin’ Adventure, Yummy in my Tummy, Under the J Sea Sea, Life is a Highway, Topsy Turvy Spirit, Hunters and Scavengers and Blast off Week.

-  The Traveling Sports Camp is truly a unique experience as it is the only camp in town that takes campers on an exciting field trip every day. Campers spend the morning at the Soloway JCC where they learn a wide range of sports. After lunch they hop on a bus for a different adventure every day. Some trips planned for this summer include horseback riding, ice skating, bowling, go-karting, water skiing, NCC beaches and much more.

- New to the Specialty Camps roster this year are Radical Reactions – Chemistry and Crime, Powered Up LEGO and Photography Camp. Our most popular Specialty Camps, back for another season include Girls on the Go, Fit Kids Have Fun! Horseback Riding Camp, The Great Adventure, Tennis Camp, You Go Girl! Triple Threat, Soccer Camp, Summertime Splash, Basketball Camp, Girl Power Camp and Last Blast.

- The JCC's mature and highly qualified staff is chosen for their ability to work with children and a low counsellor-to-camper ratio further ensures that everything they do, at all of the camps, is safe and fun. Day Camp staff includes teachers and early childhood educators, many Traveling Sports Camp counsellors are university students and Specialty Camps instructors are all experts in their field and have experience with children.

- JCC of Ottawa Summer Camps take place at the Soloway JCC and have access to great on-site facilities including indoor saltwater and outdoor pool, full size gymnasium, air conditioned camp rooms, social halls, kid friendly play structures and large grassy fields for playing.

Check out their site for more information and help us in welcoming this new fabulous sponsor!

The Soloway JCC welcomes everyone, regardless of race, religion, or ability. Anyone can be a member and take advantage of our fantastic facilities and outstanding programs.

Have you started thinking about summer camp yet?

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