Skateboarding & Scooter Camps with Evolve Camps In Ottawa

Sports camps come in many varieties from the general all-sports camp offered for all ages to intense training for a specific sport. We get it - choosing the right summer camp for your child is not easy. Evolve Camps operates action sports programs for children across Canada including here in the Capital.

Evolve Camps In Ottawa

Some Great Questions Ask Your Child

Many times parents like yourself think to themselves “I found the best program, I can’t wait to register my child for this they are going to love it!”, but they do not consult their child before signing them up. In most cases, the parent just ends up with an unhappy camper because the child was put into a program they were not excited about.

Before choosing a program - whether it is with Evolve Camps or not - make sure you ask some of these questions to your child:

  • What do you want to do this summer?

  • Do you want to skateboard or scooter every day?

  • Do you want to learn how to ski or snowboard this winter?

  • Would you have fun at a sleep-away overnight camp?

  • Do you want to just hang out at home?

  • What are some of your friends doing this summer/winter?

  • Do any of your friends want to try skateboard/scooter/ski/snowboard with you?

  • I found this program called [Evolve Camps]. Here is what they do; how does it sound?

  • Out of the camp options that [Evolve Camps] offers, which would you prefer?

Skateboarding & Scooter Camps with Evolve Camps  In Ottawa

About Our Skateboarding & Scooter Summer Camp Sessions In Ottawa

Drop off Summer Camps vs. Bussed Summer Camps

Summer camps also offer a variety of services to help you have easier mornings and even easier afternoons. Generally speaking drop off summer camps are cheaper. These type of summer camp options are great for parents or guardians who work from home or have a flexible schedule a camp.

Evolve Camps like many other programs offers a pick-up and drop off service in various areas throughout Ottawa. The beauty of Evolve’s program is that the kids visit different skateboard parks throughout Ottawa. Campers get picked up in the morning between 7:45AM and 8:30AM and drop off back at the same spot between 3:45PM and 4:30PM.

Some of the pick up locations include:

Earl of March Secondary School, Merivale High School, Hopewell Public School, Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School and Broadview Avenue Public School. Full Details HERE.

Read Online Reviews

We could spend all day telling you about all the amazing things that your child will experience as a camper with Evolve Camps in Ottawa. Rather than hearing it from us, you can read for yourself from our many reviews on Facebook and Google that were written by parents of other children that had a great experience with Evolve Camps. We encourage you to hear first-hand from these parents about the positive growth and benefits that they have seen in their child since attending one of our programs. We also recommend to do the same for any other camp you are considering.

Kids In The Capital Discount

If Evolve Camps skateboarding and scooter camp in Ottawa sounds like a good fit for your child use the following code to SAVE $25 of any session. At check out use KIDSINTHECAPITAL.

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Evolve Camps.

Flashback: Ray Friel Summer camps

As my 3 kids (and Joel too!) are taking part in City camps again (though not at Ray Friel) this summer this post seemed like a great one to bring back (they're heading to Calypso on Thursday, Kiernan is over the moon excited!). This year my 3 year old twins are taking part in the half day camps offered by the city! ~lara By Vicky

My son Joel just completed a week at Camp Central, a city of Ottawa day camp offered at the Ray Friel Rec Centre for kids ages 4-7.

The description said, [kids will] take a walk on the wild side, with weekly themes and some of the wackiest games and activities ever! I wasn't sure what to think, with this somewhat vague description, but this camp definitely did not disappoint!

Every day, the kids did a craft, went swimming, AND skating, and had a special activity at the end of the day. If they preferred not to swim or skate, there were other options for them, so they never felt pressured to do something they weren't comfortable with. They went to a nearby park, watched a movie, and even had a field trip to the Papanack Zoo!

Every morning we'd arrive for the morning wake-up, which was a bit overwhelming for a 4 year old. There was a room full of kids of all ages, and camp counsellors, shouting cheers and songs at the top of their lungs. Boy did it bring back memories! I wanted to join right in when they started "A booma chicka booma chicka rocka chicka boom!" (Tell me I'm not the only one who remembers that one!)

I can't say enough about the camp counselors. These kids are responsible, well trained, and genuinely love what they are doing. They doted on Joel, gave him lots of attention and I could tell that he really bonded with them by the end of the week.

If you live in the East end and are looking for a camp for your kids, I'd recommend Camp Central! You can register on the City of Ottawa's 123 Go registration page by searching for 'Camp Central'. It is offered until the week of August 8-12, 2011 for a cost of $150.50.

Vicky is the mom to 4.5 year old son named Joel and 2 year old daughter named Mieka. You can read her blog at blog Some Kind of Mom. She also is a Peekaboo Beans Independent Stylist, visit her on Facebook to find out more!

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Camp Wannahaha!!!

Despite the weather of late, I have been looking into summer activities for the kids.  there is no shortage to choose from, either through the City of Ottawa or local churches and organizations.  This year we chose two from the City and one called "Camp Awesome" through one of our local churches.  I hear it's "awesome"  hee hee. This is all well and good, but summer can be LOOOONG for a mom of two demanding active children.  Last year I came up with a way to make summer both fun for my lovelies as well as easy for me to get things done without being "ON" 24/7.  Summer camp at home!! We did as all good camps would do, we planned out each weeks activities from crafts to excursions.  We came up with a fancy camp name "Wannahaha"  Then we made a flag and a sign which we hung outside the house.  We made up camp rules and chores for cleaning up.  Then we made a camp shirt.  That took care of the first week.  There were also door labels to put up in the house.  The kids thought is was awesome.

I made three jars with labels.  Each morning the children had to pick an activity from each jar.  They were labeled "Chore", "Craft/Science" and "Extra".  The kids had to do the chore first and then we could go onto the other activities.  The "Extra" category is a mixture of things that everyone wanted to do. ie: trip (great for touring the city), cooking, outdoor activity (sprinkler), movie etc...  If the children chose to do more than one chore, they could earn an extra activity a week - although this year I will make a BONUS jar instead. It will have big things in it.  For example - go to a movie, the beach or a big cost item.

For the most part, I tried to keep the activities close to home (or AT home more like) and on the lowest cost side as possible.  it may sound like a daunting task, but in fact we had way more activities to do than we had time.  Here is the list we used last here.

I have also since found new sites that have low or no cost activities at home than can be used.  Like this one.

I almost think this is more fun than going to a camp for younger children since it is tailor made for your individual children and they get to program all their own activities.

With summer fast approaching, what are some ways you're planning to keep your children entertained?

Welcome to our new sponsor: Ottawa's leaders in science summer camps

We love working with Ottawa museums and three are grouped together to tell us about their exciting summer camps! Canada Agriculture MuseumCanada Agriculture Museum

Bringing the country to kids in the city A unique day camp adventure awaits you! Discover the fascinating world of farm animals with this fresh-air experience that will awaken your senses through nature studies, crafts, games and more.

Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Kids, clouds, and cosmos Canada Aviation MuseumDevelop a passion for aviation, a love of history, and a sense of pride in this great country. Each camp features awesome games, historical tales of aviation adventures, fantastic crafts, amazing scientific experiments, and of course, a breathtaking flight over the Nation’s Capital!
Canada Science and Technology Museum Sciensational adventures

Kids who love adventure, discovery and hands-on experiments won’t want to be anywhere else this summer. The popular Canada Science and Technology Museum summer camps offer something for curious campers of all ages and interests.

Have you started signing your kids up for summer camp yet? Have they ever attended one of these?

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Welcoming the Jewish Community Centre

You may have noticed a number of new sponsors in our side bar this month. We're thrilled to welcome some new partners to Kids in the Capital and over the next few weeks will be introducing them all to you.

The Jewish Community Centre (JCC), located in Nepean near Carling and Maitland Avenues, runs fabulous summer camps from July 2 - August 24.

A few fun facts about their camps:

- Camps include Day Camp (age 2-15), Traveling Sports Camp (age 7-15) and 15 amazing Specialty Camps (age 5-15).

- Instructional swimming lessons and a daily free swim in our outdoor pool are included in Traveling Sports Camp and Day Camp.

- Each week of Day Camp offers a unique and exciting theme: Lets get the Party Started! Super Soakin’ Adventure, Yummy in my Tummy, Under the J Sea Sea, Life is a Highway, Topsy Turvy Spirit, Hunters and Scavengers and Blast off Week.

-  The Traveling Sports Camp is truly a unique experience as it is the only camp in town that takes campers on an exciting field trip every day. Campers spend the morning at the Soloway JCC where they learn a wide range of sports. After lunch they hop on a bus for a different adventure every day. Some trips planned for this summer include horseback riding, ice skating, bowling, go-karting, water skiing, NCC beaches and much more.

- New to the Specialty Camps roster this year are Radical Reactions – Chemistry and Crime, Powered Up LEGO and Photography Camp. Our most popular Specialty Camps, back for another season include Girls on the Go, Fit Kids Have Fun! Horseback Riding Camp, The Great Adventure, Tennis Camp, You Go Girl! Triple Threat, Soccer Camp, Summertime Splash, Basketball Camp, Girl Power Camp and Last Blast.

- The JCC's mature and highly qualified staff is chosen for their ability to work with children and a low counsellor-to-camper ratio further ensures that everything they do, at all of the camps, is safe and fun. Day Camp staff includes teachers and early childhood educators, many Traveling Sports Camp counsellors are university students and Specialty Camps instructors are all experts in their field and have experience with children.

- JCC of Ottawa Summer Camps take place at the Soloway JCC and have access to great on-site facilities including indoor saltwater and outdoor pool, full size gymnasium, air conditioned camp rooms, social halls, kid friendly play structures and large grassy fields for playing.

Check out their site for more information and help us in welcoming this new fabulous sponsor!

The Soloway JCC welcomes everyone, regardless of race, religion, or ability. Anyone can be a member and take advantage of our fantastic facilities and outstanding programs.

Have you started thinking about summer camp yet?

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